All services performed by a Microlenk Technician, (except those listed in the warranty exclusions section), is guaranteed for 15 days from the date of the service was performed. If multiple issues or symptoms are addressed by a repair and or service, all are covered by our 15 day guarantee warranty. The guarantee does not cover issues that may develop within the guarantee period that are not related to services performed or to the original issue or symptom diagnosed and repaired.

For the warranty to be valid, all warranty security labels are required to be intact and to show no signs of removal and or tampering, or this will invalidate or void the 15 day limited warranty.  Any services performed on the device by anyone other than a Microlenk Technician, will invalidate and void all warranties.  


We do not offer warranties or guarantees, explicit or implicit, on any of the following:

  • Any service using parts not purchased through Microlenk.

  • Any software issues, including virus removal.

  • New symptoms/issues not directly tied to the original service within the 15 day guarantee period.

  • Installing new hardware or modifying existing hardware within the 15 day guarantee period voids the Microlenk Limitied Warranty.

  • Recurrence of original symptoms or issues caused by user error or negligence in the 15 day guarantee period, including but not limited to physical damage (drops, crushing, exposure to temperature extremes), liquid damage (spills on and liquid immersion of the device), electrical damage (improper grounding, contact with poorly performing or damaged electrical networks), and damage caused through installation or use of harmful software components (viruses, malware, spyware), voids the 15 day Microlenk Limited Warranty.


NOTE: If your device is physically tampered with and or the warranty tamper lables are broken or removed, the Microlenk 15 Day Limited Warranty is voided. This includes but is not limited to cracked screens, dents to the casing, internal damage not present at time of original repair, attempts to open or modify the device, or any other action, accidental or intentional, that could cause our repair(s) to fail.

Replacement Parts Procedure

  • If a service requires parts to complete the repair and or upgrade, we will contact and inform you of the need prior to ordering any parts and will require your approval and signature. We will explain the part(s) needed, why it’s necessary, any associated costs, and give an estimate of when the part(s) will likely arrive. Due to shipping times being beyond our control, our estimate is a best guess and is not intended to guarantee arrival by a specific time.

  • If you would like to hold on to your device until part(s) come in, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the cost of the ordered parts will be required.

  • Microlenk will generally not use parts not purchased by a Microlenk Technician. This is due to our inabillity to verify that the parts are functional and will provide a good fit for your device.

  • Any replacement parts not supplied by Microlenk are not covered by any kind of warranty or guarantee except as might be provided by the part manufacturer. By providing your own parts, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that any work we provide is not covered by the Microlenk Limited 15 Day Limited Warranty or any other guarantee or assurance, explicit or implicit. You also agree to waive any liability for damage(s) to your device caused by faulty parts or other part incompatibilities.