Network Consulting Services 

When it comes to planning a network, you need ensure that the process it strategically planned out so that you can unlock your networks full potential, while ensuring that your network security is in place and constantly protecting your devices and sensitive data and information.  At Microlenk, we have the experience and knowledge to build, implement and maintain optimal network performance and security.  


Network Strategy and Planning

We will guide you through each step in the process of strategically planning your network to ensure that you leverage the full potential of your network, and that all aspects such as network security are diligently planned based on proven network protocols. 


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Free Network Consultation 

You can schedule a free 1-hour on-site network consultation with a Microlenk IT Technician, who will assess your building infrastructure both internal and external and will discuss your networking goals and objectives. After the initial consultation, the Microlenk IT Engineer will create a customized report that will provide insightful information and recommendations about how to proceed with the network design and development process.  The report will also include the engineer’s recommendations for implementation of Network Security and any additional recommendations. 



Microlenk will ensure that all wireless network equipment such as wireless access points are properly configured and secured.