Let our team of IT Professionals monitor all of your devices while you focus on more important things.  We provide continuous device monitoring in Real Time, so when an issue occurs, our technicians can effectively respond to the problem, and make the necessary changes to correct the technical issue or malfunction.  With 24/7 coverage, you can relax knowing that your devices are under our watchful eye. 

Real Time Device Monitoring and Protection

Advantages of Remote Monitoring and Management

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 An RMM will save your business money because it cuts down costly help desk calls. It will alert your IT support staff to potential crises so they can be fixed before they damage the business. When used in house, the RMM monitoring software will avert system failure and reduce the number of IT support staff that you need – especially if you have a multi-site operation.

Benefits of RMM

How Does RMM Work 

  • Monitors the health of your device. 

  • 24/7 Dedicated Virus, Spyware and Adware Protection.

  • Notifies Microlenk Technician of any system faults. 

  • Provides in depth insight of your device. 

  • Immediate Response by Microlenk when issue is detected.

  1. After the RMM software is installed on your device or server, it instantly begins protecting your device by critcally analyzing the device. 

  2. If an issue or malfcuntion is detected by the software, it will notify you and Microlenk so that immediate action may be taken to resolve the issue. 

  3. After an issue has been detected and IT Support  Staff have been notified, a technician will attempt to remote access the device to make all necessary adjustments, or a technician will be dispatched to the location when the issue has been detected. 

See How Pulseway Client Portal Works for you

If intrested in learning more about Pulseway Client, call Microlenk at 651-795-1039 and one of our knowledgable technicians will walk you through a guided tour of how Pulseway Client can benefit you or your business.  

Work More Effectivley | Reduce I.T Costs

With Pulseway Client, you are always connected to Microlenk, and we continiously monitor all of your connected devices. 

In the event, a system failure or malfunction occurs, a Microlenk Technician can take immediate action to repair or resolve the technical issue. 

With Pulseway Client, you are always on our radar, and when a problem strikes, we can take immedate action to prevent any system downtime, which will allow you to focus on your personal or business needs. 

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