Microlenk provides an array of IT services to our customers in efforts to meet the ever changing technical demands of both consumer and business technology.  If you don't see the type of service you are looking for, please call us to discuss your project, and one of our experienced and knowledge technicians will provide you with details about the type of service you are requesting, and what we can do to better assist you with your new project.  

Computer repair

Microlenk provides an array of professional computer repair services to meet your needs, and to get you back up and running quickly. 

Whether it's a repair or upgrade, we have the experience to ensure that the job is done right. 

networks | VPN

Whether you are setting up a home network or a large commercial network, Microlenk has the experience and knowledge to get you up and going, while ensuring that you can surf the net securely and safely. 

technical support

We provide several types of technical support to meet the demands and needs of our customers. In some cases, that's all you need, is just a little help and direction. 

  • Remote Access 

  • Telephone 

  • Video Conferencing


Need a professional opinion or guidance about how to proceed with setting up a new or existing network to ensure total security?

We can provide you with viable solutions to ensure optimal security results are achieved. 

wire installation

Need new ethernet cable installed or help trying to locate, test, repair or identify cables? We can provide the following types of services. 

  • Wire pulling 

  • Wire mapping 

  • Wire identification 

  • Connection testing

  • Cable Management


Microlenk can setup and configure Active Directory based on your specific business needs and objectives. 

website design

Microlenk provides an array of website design and management services so you can focus on your business needs while we take care of everything else. 

emergency service

Microlenk provides emergency after hours IT services to ensure that your downtime is minimized when you experience technical issues. 

  • Remote desktop support

  • Mobile onsite support

  • Video based support

media production

Need video transferred to DVD or another digital device?  We can assist you with many types of media production services. 

security installs

Microlenk provides installation and setup assistance for the following security video types. 


  • Nest 

  • Ring 

  • Arlo 

  • Blink 

tv mount installs

Microlenk can install your new television wall mount so that you can start to enjoy your new television the way you intended to watch tv. 


Microlenk can provide you with customized monthly or annual maintenance contracts to ensure that your equipment and services are always up to date with all of the new technology and software. 


Need some additional help with your Microsoft software products?  We can provide a guided hands on tour to help you learn the features and functions of your Microsoft software products. 


Microlenk will provide you with a hands on approach to learning the functions and navigational features of all Microsoft Operating Systems. We offer in home training as well as video conferencing. 


Do you have printer problems? We service all makes and models of consumer based printers, scanners and all-in-ones. 


Microlenk services all Microsoft Server Operating System editions from 2012 and up. We perform systems maintenance, upgrades and new system installations and configuration services. 

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